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Dog Nail Trimmer Peti Care Dog Clipper Pet Cat Claw Grinder With LED Light & 5X Magnifier Safety Pet Nail Clip

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Product Size: 14X9.5X2.5CM

Material: Nylon Plastic Silicone Stainless Steel

Battery Specification: 3XLR44 (Battery can be replaced)

Product Features:

1: With a magnifying glass function, you can accurately see the fineness of the nail and protect the safety of the pet's finger. The magnifying glass cover can be freely moved up and down for easy use.

2: With the light function, the switch has 3 files: 1st gear--the light is on when the scissors handle is pressed down; 2nd gear--always bright; 3rd gear--normally closed.

3: The blade can be replaced freely. It can be removed and rubbed with a sharpener to re-use it! Blade replacement method: hold the handle with half pressure, lift the yellow small handle in the middle of the handle, and the blade can slide out; put the blade in the correct position, hold the handle with half pressure, and put the yellow small handle in the middle of the handle Lift up, lift the whole direction of the cutter head, and the blade can be loaded automatically.

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